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General Tso’s Chicken

Fried boneless chicken, served with vegetables and whole dried red peppers in a sweet-spicy sauce.


Orange Beef

Slivered orange zest and red pepper flakes add a hot citrus flavor to this stir-fry of perfectly aged beef.


Szechuan Shrimp

A delicious spicy stir-fry of jumbo shrimp mixed with garlic, green onions, red bell pepper, broccoli and snow peas in a spicy red sauce.


Peking Duck

One of China's most famous dishes. Served with steamed pancakes, scallions and sweet plum sauce.

$17.95 half / $35 whole

Special Events

Sesame Chicken or Beef

A special recipe with toasted sesame seeds.


Shrimp with Lobster Sauce

Sauteed with peas, carrots and scallions.


Beef & Scallops

Mixed with vegetables in an oyster sauce.


Kung Pao Triple Delight

Shrimp, chicken and beef with peanuts.


Seafood Delight

Mixed with vegetables in a light brown sauce.


Shrimp with Broccoli & Hot Garlic Sauce

Sauteed with bamboo shoots in a spicy sauce.


Yu-Ling Duck

Cut and served with a tasty Yu-Ling sauce.

$17.95 half

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